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Food prep for the week!

I recently showed you (here) part of my food prep and organisation that I like to get done on the weekend so that I’m ready to go for the week. Part of that routine is to go to the fruit and veg markets to get all my supplies for the week at a reasonable price. I also like to prepare a few foods on the weekend to make the process of creating meals easier. Here are a few of my favourites!

It’s a real treat to wake up in the morning without having to think what you’re going to make for breakfast. That’s why I like to make a big bowl of homemade granola to last us a week or two. I like to do gluten-free sprouted buckwheat or an oat-based granola mixed in with various goodies. Perfect with almond milk and fresh chopped banana. Watch this space – recipes to follow!

I get so much use of out making these and they are so versatile! They’re perfect as a spread on a lunchtime sandwich, a dip with veggies or a few wholegrain crackers for a snack or to mix through quinoa or steamed veg for a main.
– Hummus
– Tahini Yoghurt
– Chargrilled capsicum relish
– Pesto

Here I made a baked sweet potato, radish and tahini yoghurt lentil salad topped with chargrilled capsicum relish. Lentil salad

Poached chicken:
It works really well to poach a few pieces of lean chicken breasts, shred them and flavour them with lemon juice, pepper and herbamare. This can be kept in the fridge for up to 2 days, or I like to freeze them in portions. When you make your salad for lunch in the morning you can take it out of the freezer, pop it on top of your salad and it will be thawed and ready to eat by lunch time!

Quinoa: This is my absolute favourite staple as mentioned before. It behaves like a grain (so you can substitute it for rice/couscous/pasta) but it is actually a seed and a complete protein source. This beauty is perfect tossed through salads or to bulk up soups and curries. I also like to make quinoa pilaf and use it as a foundation for my meals. Here I mixed quinoa with pesto and brocolinni. Quinoa salad and scallops

Frozen fruit:
I love to freeze ripe bananas and mangoes. Whenever I feel like a healthy frozen treat during the week I throw them into my thermomix to make 100% fruit ice cream! They’re also really handy for making smoothies. I love to freeze grapes for a cool summer snack.Frozen yoghurt blocks:
I take this as a perfect opportunity to use up the last bit of my yoghurt from the week before it goes off. I like to combine it with honey/agave/maple syrup and any kind of chopped fruit.

Trail mix – I like to combine raw almonds, walnuts, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and some chopped dried apple. You can leave this in a jar and grab as you go, or you can make them into little snack packs.

Super snack balls – these are one of my favourite snacks. So easy to make and very tasty!20130114-175701.jpg

Remember, 80% of your success is going to be nutrition – whether it is to tone up, bulk up, maintain or improve your general wellbeing. Exercise is vital, but eating the right foods is going to be the secret key to unlock the door to that level you’re aspiring to! And being organised forms part of the key.

Success motivation quote
Question: What kind of foods do you like to prepare to be organised for the week?


Chocolate-dipped Figs

I love summer. Especially the fruit that comes with it. So much so that when I go for my morning jog around my neighbourhood I search out overgrown fruit trees that might just be hanging over a fence somewhere. And this morning – to my delight – the moment was there. A fig tree. Next to a car park. It stood there like its been waiting for me to eat from its fruit for years. Well that’s how it felt. If you’re a fruit lover you’ll know exactly what I mean. So I picked as many ripe ones as I could find.

20130207-165423.jpg I love the sweetness of its centre. Syrupy yet crunchy. And the colour is so…rustic. Delightful!

20130207-165657.jpg I simply had to make it into a sweet treat – healthy of course! So this is how you can do it!

Cacao powder
Coconut oil
Agave/maple syrup
Crushed macadamias

Chocolate – the amount you’ll make will depend on the number of figs you have. Just mix together cacao powder and coconut oil until you get a dipping chocolate consistency and then add agave/maple syrup to taste.

20130207-170253.jpg Crush the macadamia nuts.

20130207-170415.jpg Dip figs in chocolate & roll in nuts. Lay on a plate lined with wax paper or sprayed with oil. Voila!!





Protein Banana Bites

20130205-124926.jpgIf you are like me you are always looking for new ideas to make snacks exciting, tasty, and healthy. It is important to eat 3 meals per day and 2 to 3 snacks in between depending on your activity level. Including snacks will help you regulate blood sugar levels, reduce cravings for unhealthy foods, and help achieve your recommended daily intake for vitamins and minerals.

Choosing the right types of nibbles will keep your hunger levels in check. So when lunch or dinner time creeps up, you make good choices and don’t eat until you feel you’ll explode. It’s a win-win really.

This is my latest favourite to spice up snack time. High in protein (from vegan sprouted brown rice protein powder) to keep your tank full until dinner time. Low in fat. High in taste. 100% satisfying.

20130205-122057.jpg Ingredients:
1 small banana
3/4 of a scoop protein powder (I like Sunwarrior vanilla brown rice protein)
1 egg white
1/2 tsp vanilla paste
1 Tbsp almond milk (or any other milk)
1/2 tsp coconut oil
1 tsp cinnamon
1 Tbsp low fat Greek yoghurt


Combine protein powder, egg white, vanilla paste and almond milk to form a batter-like consistency. Chop banana into wheels and gently coat the banana with the batter using a spoon. Heat your pan to medium-high and coat the pan with coconut oil. Spoon each banana wheel gently onto the hot pan. Cook 1-2 min on each side or until golden. Combine cinnamon and yoghurt. Serve warm banana bites with cinnamon yoghurt.

**Handy Hint: have these for dessert after dinner , make extra, and save it for your snack the next day (ideal for those who work full-time)! 20130205-123031.jpg These smell AMAZING – it was really hard to resist eating them during the photo shoot.

20130205-123312.jpg This recipe is gluten free and can also be vegan/dairy free if you leave out the yogurt. This is the ideal snack to keep you full and energised until dinner. It is low GI and only 700kJ or 167 calories per serve.

Extra ideas and variations:

– Add cacao powder for a healthy chocolate substitute.
– If you don’t like banana you can use apple, pears or peaches instead.
– Add lemon zest and 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice for an almost-lemon-meringue-pie taste

Maple Peach Brown Rice Pudding

Need new inspiration for breakfast, late-afternoon snack, or dessert? Look no further than here!!!

This is quick, healthy and delish.

Fruit is my favourite food on earth. If I could I would have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Although as a dietitian and a foodie, I feel it is my duty to try other foods as well…*sigh*…tough life! But today I didn’t feel any such obligation when I started to think about my afternoon snack.

I let my love of fruit guide me to the way of a Maple Peach Brown Rice Pudding! Even if you don’t love fruit…you will love this!


Maple Peach Brown Rice Pudding
½ cup cooked brown rice
¼ cup coconut cream*
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1 peach
Maple syrup to taste – I used 1 tsp

Combine all ingredients and ¾ of the peach in a blender and blend until smooth. Serve with remaining peach and a drizzle of maple syrup.

*for low fat version use reduced fat coconut milk/soy/almond/oat milk instead.     

If you feel you want something creamy and luscious on top…I recommend this vegan cream recipe! It’s the perfect accompaniment!

This pudding is also great for our vegan friends and those that need a gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free or soy-free option!

And for those interested in the nutritional info, here it is:

Energy: 974 kJ
Fat: 5.3g
Carbs: 39.7g
Fibre: 3.8g
Sugar: 13.9g
Protein: 4.1g

Fill in the blank:
My favourite food is ________