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Lime & Sage Cashew “Blue Cheese”

photo apetizer

I absolutely love entertaining at home and serving up new food and drink creations to friends and family  (using them as my guinea pigs). They don’t seem to mind most of the time. Sometimes my creations don’t always come out looking and/or tasting very glamorous, but at least it lends itself to some interesting dinner conversations. This one (thankfully) did turn out to be a success and a wonderful substitute for blue cheese if you struggle with the thought of mould in your cheese (me). If you’re stuck for an appetizer at your next dinner party, this cheese compliments any kind of seasonal fruit and is heavenly on a fresh piece of sourdough.
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Lean, Clean & Green

Do you feel “the bulge” (aka food baby) on Sunday nights after too many celebratory meals and drinks over the weekend? If you said YES you’re not alone! Many people, including myself, have a relaxed approach towards food over the weekend. The brunch, late lunch, and a night out on the town can wreak havoc on your progress if you are trying to slim down.

Take heart! Sunday nights are here to help you bounce back and get you ready for an incredible week of eating lean, clean & green! By that I mean:

– Lean meat/fish/chicken/legumes
– No processed foods
– Lots and lots of green veggies!

This is what I had for by bounce-back Sunday meal:

Grilled Scallops marinated in chilli, garlic, lemon juice & coriander

20130211-094747.jpgFresh summer salad with baby spinach, avocado, yellow capsicum, fresh figs and a light sprinkling of goats cheese fetta

20130211-095053.jpgFresh broccolini and asparagus steamed and mixed with tahini yoghurt, pine nuts and fresh basil (from my garden)

20130211-095618.jpgA perfect way to kickstart your new week feeling fabulous and motivated!

20130211-100003.jpgLet’s make this week count!

Question: What is your favourite way to bounce back?


Chocolate-dipped Figs

I love summer. Especially the fruit that comes with it. So much so that when I go for my morning jog around my neighbourhood I search out overgrown fruit trees that might just be hanging over a fence somewhere. And this morning – to my delight – the moment was there. A fig tree. Next to a car park. It stood there like its been waiting for me to eat from its fruit for years. Well that’s how it felt. If you’re a fruit lover you’ll know exactly what I mean. So I picked as many ripe ones as I could find.

20130207-165423.jpg I love the sweetness of its centre. Syrupy yet crunchy. And the colour is so…rustic. Delightful!

20130207-165657.jpg I simply had to make it into a sweet treat – healthy of course! So this is how you can do it!

Cacao powder
Coconut oil
Agave/maple syrup
Crushed macadamias

Chocolate – the amount you’ll make will depend on the number of figs you have. Just mix together cacao powder and coconut oil until you get a dipping chocolate consistency and then add agave/maple syrup to taste.

20130207-170253.jpg Crush the macadamia nuts.

20130207-170415.jpg Dip figs in chocolate & roll in nuts. Lay on a plate lined with wax paper or sprayed with oil. Voila!!